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This is a binding contract employing Wise Estate Services for the home at _________________________



Wise Estate Services and my client agree on these terms:


Diane Wise signature_________________Date______________________
Client signature___________________________________________
  1. The Client will remove and pack all personal items from the premises prior to the sale that are not being sold.
  2. Five (5) days before the sale, all items that remain will be sold. For bigger items that cannot be moved, we will write SOLD on the item.
  3. Wise Estate Services is responsible for paying the advertising costs prior to the sale. This includes advertising on, email announcements to our loyal client list, and place directional signs in appropriate places for locating your sale.
  4. We will provide all of the resources needed to organize, display, research, price and sell the contents of the home in a professional and customer friendly atmosphere. Small valuable items will be put in a display case and kept near the cash service area.
  5. Throughout the liquidation process, your household contents that are not sellable will be donated or discarded. If we find anything of a personal nature or memory related, we will put them aside in a box for safekeeping.
  6. We will handle all cash and change needed for the sale. Checks are written out to Diane Wise on the day of the sale and we are responsible for depositing them.
  7. We encourage no client or relative of the estate to be present while the sale is being conducted. We understand this is a sensitive time for all family members involved and being present often makes the potential customers uncomfortable, which could result in less sales.
  8. We will appraise all items to be sold and mark prices on them using price stickers or tags. Merchandise will be marketed so that it receives the best price.  Most items under $2.00 will not be priced. Customers like to "bundle" these smaller items, and they will be priced at the checkout counter.  
  9. We welcome your input regarding the value of specific items; however, given our substantial experience in this area, we reserve the right to make all final pricing decisions.
  10. We ask your permission to be able to sell something to a customer before the sale if they are not able to attend the advertised date the sale. They will be sold at full price.  This is called our "buy ahead option" and is very successful!
  11. Wise Estate Services requests a house key, lockbox number or access through the garage while preparing for the sale.


Payment:  We require a deposit of one-half of the estimate for services, made payable to Diane Wise.  This will secure the date of your sale.


Proceeds from the sale will be given to you within 6 days of the sale.  A cashier's check with the net proceeds will be mailed to you, and our cost for services and expenses will be deducted from the proceeds.  We do not provide a written inventory, but will give you the tags that states what the items sold for.

I have read the above and do agree to abide by the same. I will not hold Wise Estate Services, Diane Wise, or its employees, liable for accidents, injury of theft on the property.  We have our own insurance. The home must have an insurance policy that covers theft, fire and accident coverage.